Privacy Policy

1 - Who are we:

Alfa Display & Design Ltd.


2 – What information do we hold about you:

As a trade only supplier, we generally only hold business related information. This includes your name and your company details (email address, business address, phone number, mobile number)

If you work from home, or use your personal mobile for work, this will be on our systems also.

We do not use any data tracking cookies on our website, and do not store your IP address. 

We will store your data to contact you if you complete the online form on our site giving us your details.


3 – Where is this information stored:

We hold information electronically on our server, with cloud back-up, on our computers, and on portable devices (smart phones etc.) All are password protected.


4 – Who has access to the information?:

All company employees will have access to the information (office staff, to contact you in relation to jobs in progress, production and install staff for any ‘build’ related questions, and accounts staff for any accounting issues)

We will only share data with outside parties for legitimate and specific business requirements (for example with a courier, to deliver a parcel to you)

We will not sell your data to a 3rd party.



If you wish to know what information we hold about you, please feel free to get in touch.